Outcome 7 - Understand the importance of e-safety for children and young people

7.1 explain the risks and possible consequences for children and young people of being online andof using a mobile phone

7.2 describe ways of reducing risk to children and young people from:

a) social networking

b) internet use

c) buying online

d) using a mobile phone.

Evidence task 11/ 333.


Design a leaflet aimed at parents explaining the risks and possible consequences of being online and using a mobile phone for young people and children.


Combine image and text and make the infromation easy to read and easy to understand.


Describe ways of reducing risk and the steps to take to ensure safe use of

  • social networking
  • internet use
  • buying online
  • using a mobile phone

Include information in the leaflet on.(ICT)


  • How to safeguard against viruses.
  • How to identify errors (eg in hardware and software you are using) and their causes.
  • How to minimise health risks
  • How to observe copyright and/or confidentiality when it is necessary



Use publisher or word.

Cyberbullying A whole-school community issue-PDF