Outcome 3 Develop professional relationships with adults

3.1 demonstrate how to establish rapport and professional relationships with adults

3.2 demonstrate how to adapt communication with adults for:

a) cultural and social differences

b) the context of the communication

c) communication differences

3.3 demonstrate strategies and techniques to promote understanding and trust in communication with adults

3.4 use skills and techniques to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts constructively

3.5 explain when and how to refer other adults to further sources of information, advice or support.


305.3.5 Evidence task


Describe situations in which you may need to refer on other adults.


What are the limits of the kind of information you can give to other adults and why?


What are the dangers of giving inaccurate information to other adults?


What do you need to maintain and consider and for what reasons? 


Give some examples of other agencies that you may need to refer other adults to.


List the kind of procedures you could suggest to someone to follow if you were unable to help them or it was inappropriate for you to do so.