Outcome 3 Manage inappropriate behaviour

3.1 demonstrate strategies for minimising disruption through inappropriate behaviour ofchildren and young people

3.2 demonstrate strategies for managing inappropriate behaviour according to the policies andprocedures of the setting

3.3 apply rules and boundaries consistently and fairly, according to the age, needs and abilities ofchildren and young people

3.4 provide support for colleagues to deal with inappropriate behaviour of children and young people

3.5 explain the sorts of behaviour or discipline problems that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred.


304.3.5 Evidence task 


Describe a situation from your own practice when you had to refer a behaviour or discipline problem on to a colleague.


What are the kinds of behaviours you would refer on?


What strategies would you employ before referring the matter on to a colleague?


What are your limits in dealing with these behaviours?


Describe the procedures you would follow in the referral process.