Outcome 1 Contribute to planning learning activities

1.1 explain how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities.

303.1.1 Evidence task-


Design a leaflet aimed at someone thinking about become a teaching assistant.


Explain how a teaching assistant contributes to 

  • planning
  • delivery( including behaviour management)
  • Reviewing


Be specific about the kind of things that are expected referring to your own personal expereince.


Combine images and text in your layout.

1.2 evaluate own strengths and weaknesses in relation to supporting learning activities and how these may impact on the support that can be provided.

301.1.2 Force field analysis
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1.3 use knowledge of the learners and curriculum to contribute to the teacher’s planning.

1.4 offer constructive suggestions for own role in supporting planned learning activities.

1.5 identify and obtain the information required to support learning activities.