To be assessed in work environment

Can be realistically achieved in an observation

Possible evidence can be gathered depending on level of support

Discussion or hard copy evidence


TW 1 - collaborate with others to work towards common goals

TW 3 - adapt behaviour to suit different roles and situations, including leadership roles

TW 4 - show fairness and consideration to others

TW 5 - take responsibility, showing confidence in themselves and their contribution

TW 6 - provide constructive support and feedback to others

CT 1 - generate ideas and explore possibilities

CT 3 - connect their own and others’ ideas and experiences in inventive ways

CT 4 - question their own and others’ assumptions

CT 5 - try out alternatives or new solutions and follow ideas through

CT 6 - adapt ideas as circumstances change

RL 1 - assess themselves and others, identifying opportunities and achievements

SM 1 - seek out challenges or new responsibilities and show flexibility when priorities change

SM 2 - work towards goals, showing initiative, commitment and perseverance

SM 3 - organise time and resources, prioritising actions

SM 4 - anticipate, take and manage risks

SM 5 - deal with competing pressures, including personal and work-related demands

SM 6 - respond positively to change, seeking advice and support when needed

SM 7 - manage their emotions, and build and maintain relationships

EP 3 - propose practical ways forward, breaking these down into manageable steps

EP 4 - identify improvements that would benefit others as well as themselves


stlsl3 diploma assessment matrix observa
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