Unit 17 Support literacy development

Level: 3 Credit value: 3 NDAQ number: M/601/7714

Outcome 1 Understand current national and organisational

policies and practices for literacy development

1.1 explain the aims and importance of learning provision for literacy development

1.2 summarise the relevant policy and age-related expectations of learners relevant to literacy

development in the setting

1.3 summarise the teacher’s programme and plans for literacy development.

Outcome 2 Support learners in developing reading and writing


2.1 use a range of strategies for supporting learners to develop reading and writing skills

2.2 select and use support strategies to meet the individual needs and learning targets of learners.

Outcome 3 Support learners in developing speaking/talking

and listening skills


3.1 use a range of strategies for supporting learners to develop speaking/talking and

listening skills

3.2 create opportunities to help learners’ understand the importance of attentive listening and

taking turns to speak

3.3 encourage learners to contribute to conversations and discussions in a manner likely to

enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem

3.4 encourage learners to respond constructively to other learners’ contributions to conversations

and discussions

3.5 respond to learners’ use of home language and local accents and dialects in a manner which

values cultural diversity and reinforces positive self-images.